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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Camera+ : To Add or Subtract?

Camera+: To Add or Subtract?

The camera is technology’s best achievements. Taking pictures not only lets you reminisce the golden past but also keeps these happy or sad memories together. We are lucky because taking pictures before used to be very expensive. You also needed to visit to a photo studio just to immortalize moments with your friends or family. However, technology has remolded this scenario once more. It didn’t just make taking photos cheap, it made it free. Cameras are not only found in studios but in smart-phones and compact gadgets as well. Modern life has changed how we capture moments. Thus, taking pictures should be done pretty well.

The Camera+ is an app that lets you take photos and edit them according to your own preferences. The app is available on the iPad and recently, on the iPhone 5. The Camera+ is considered the most famous photo app for Apple smartphone users with around 9 million copies sold. Even though this app comes a little late from the first release of the original app, Camera+ is still here to stay. The Camera+ for iPads has just been released and users would certainly enjoy this marvelous app. So, why would you want a Camera+ on your iPad? There’s no doubt that you could work better with the iPad, especially if you had the improved Retina rear camera. But of course, synchronizing your Camera+ iPad with your Camera+ iPhone is the pinnacle of Camera+’s features.

Camera+ Lightbox lets you synchronize between devices using the iCloud. When you take a photo with your iPhone, as long as the phone is connected to the iCloud, you can also see images on your iPad. It would be simple because you do not need to transfer data from one gadget to the other. That way, you can sell your cell phone for cash to get these marvelous gadgets in one strike.

Probably one of the best parts of the iPad utilized by Camera+ is the Retina Display. It takes clear photographs. Even though it was only released six months ago, it still can capture life’s greatest moments in HD. The Camera+’s features will be highlighted on the iPad because of the big screen. The iCloud integration between your gadgets will certainly make you love your iPad. Because of the iPad’s large screen, seeing pictures are a delight. Instead of seeing them in small proportions like on iPhones, the iPad let you vividly see the images from the iCloud. They are really displayed beautifully.

Since you get a clear picture of the photo, you can edit it properly. You can start playing with it using a variety of functions. If you are still not content with the photo’s clarity, placing it under ‘Clarity’ mode will make the picture’s colors and life pop out from your gadget. The good thing about the new app is that you now have the option of layering one effect over the other. That’s just editing professionally with the comfort of convenience.

Did the Camera+ add to the iPad’s reputation? Certainly. The $0.99 app is worth all the pennies in the world considering its wide functions and range.


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